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In 1999, The Newport Bay Industrial Limited Liability Company was established in FangChengGang, GuangXi Province. It emerged as the times required and became stronger and stronger with the development of the harbor industry. After decades of steeling, our company has set a good example in the field of harbor industry, and has become the most professional, the largest , and the strongest underwater reef blasting company in China. Moreover, we now have superior construction techniques in the integrated harbor construction service project. At present, we have specialized in level -1 navigation project construction, Level-2 general port and waterway engineering construction, Level-2 blasting and demolition project, Level-2 port and coastal engineering project. Level 1 license (commercial) of blasting operation organization, can engage in the project design and construction, security evaluation and security supervision. Our company currently has construction project managements in ShenZhen,DanShan,QuanZhou,TaiShan,ZhouHai, HaiNan,FangChengGang,QinZhouGang,BeiHai,WuZhou,ChangZhou,XiangZhou,HengXian,BaiSe,DongLan,YuanDong,ect. At present, we possess 60 ships which have complete support equipment for blasting and dredging. At present our company has 1,000 employees, including in harbor construction,channel construction,blasting construction; 410 technical specialists in every field, 170 of whom are advanced rank and middle rank specialists , and a group of skillful workers with professional certifications. For more than a decade, we have embraced every new opportunity to extend the development of fundamental construction techniques in our country, undertaking underwater blasting and leveling of reefs as the first step. Slowly but steadily, we have gradually and successfully marched into the integration of the of harbor port, ship lock, pipeline construction services, etc. Our company is also adept at innovation, bold in competition, and takes all necessary steps to complete every programme perfectly. Our operations take place in inner sea harbor, as well as in inland rivers. This year alone saw a proliferation of operations with the, the capacity for underwater dredging standing at 30,000,000,cube meters at year's end. As a world leader, with strong power, high efficiency, superior quality, lower costs, intensive competitive ability, our company has created very many underwater drilling and blasting records in China since it was founded. For example, underwater blasting and leveling of reefs has already surpassed 8,000,000 cube meters. We are now exporting our expertise. Many of the employees of The Newport Bay Company are now working abroad. Since 2008, we have participated in the first term construction of The Hambantota Port Sri Lanka,and the Cameroon Kribi Deepwater Port construction project up to the completion of the dredging and construction operations. Our company pays special attention to the promotion of management and the training of our employees. In 2003, we hired the famous "BeiDaZongHeng Supervising Consultant Company, for management consulting and training, under the target of systematism, routinization, standardisation, to perfect and regularize the management system. In addition, since 2007, we have carried out IS09001,IS014001,OHSAS18001 management systems. In 2012, we once again hired BeiDaZongHeng Supervising Consultant Company's specialists to fine tune the present systems and regulations scientifically in order to create a solid foundation for the company's future's sustainable development. Our company continuously reinforces inion construction, creates and steadily perfects, automatic inion management systems,the ERP inionalized system,the HongJing HER human resource manangement system, and promotes internal inion sharing. These steps have accelerated the change of inion, which strengthens the competitiveness of our enterprise. As an enterprise, full of social responsibility, The aim of Newport Bay is to make a real contribution to society, and especially to promote education. Our company has established awards and financial aid in the JiaoTong Institute of HeHai University, ChongQing JiaoTong University, ChangSha University of Technology, GuangXi Vocational and Technical College of Communications, GuangXi Water Conservancy and Electric Power Vocational Technology College, in order to demonstrate our awareness of the importance of nurturing talent, training people and cultural development. We encourage the college students whom we sponsor to study harder, to take advantage of our aid and to keep this kind of spirit as a rich source of self development, and finally, to make a positive contribution to society. Our company continues to make progress and to develop and has earned a strong reputation. It has earned public recognition by been named one of the top fifty strongest enterprises in the GuangXi Zhuang Autonomomous Region where it is a large tax payer in FangChengGang city. Since 2006, our company has always been and will always be "the enterprise that will never break a contract, and will always keep its integrity." In 2010 our company won a "carried out credibility reward", awarded by the Forth Channel Department, ZhongJiao. In 2012, our company was selected by China's State Administration for Industry and Commerce as a most credible enterprise from 2010 to 2011, and in 2012 was recognized as "the excellent water transport engineering construction company of the whole country". The Newport Bay Corporation shoulders a sacred mission, that is: to harness the sea, to dredge the channel, to benefit the whole world, and to carry forward "an integrated,concentrated,practical,creative enterprise's spirit, to forge excellent projects, to create first a class brand, to serve the customers with soul and heart, to enter into friendly cooperation with a wide range of partners, to make progress and to create win-win situations, to make more contributions and to create a stronger role for water transportation of the fundamental construction projects of our country, and to fight for the dream: to become the best international underwater reef blasting company that possesses a superior construction ability in an integrated service of harbor construction projects.


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Level 1 license (commercial) of blasting operation organization, can engage in the project design and construction, security evaluation and security supervision.

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